Create Breakthrough Diagnostics to Revolutionize Healthcare for Better Living

Our Mission

At Pace Diagnostics, our Mission is to provide everyone, anywhere, access to an accurate, low-cost and easy-to-use Tuberculosis and Lung Cancer Early Detection Triage/Screening Tests and COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Detection Test, in order to identify more disease cases and to make healthcare decision as quickly possible to SAVE lives.

Our Lung Cancer Early Detection Test will identify more cases of lung cancer, earlier, allowing patients and their healthcare providers the greatest possible chance of beating this deadly disease.

Our COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Detection Test accurately identify COVID-19 infection in 15 minutes, allowing immediate mitigation measures such as quarantine actions or applications of potential prophylaxis, helping to stop the spreading of this highly contagious virus.

  • Performance and accuracy

    A point of care, rapid test solution with lab-based performance.

  • Efficient and economical

    The economical test cassette and strip renders a result in 30 minutes or less, with no lab or technician required.

  • Minimally invasive

    Minimal pin prick of capillary blood required for test application.


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